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Cellosolve Solvents
Cellosolve Solvents are the indispensable requirements of several homes & personal care applications. These have effective use in cosmetic formulations and are unaffected by high temperatures during their shipping & storage.
Pharma Chemicals
Provided Phrama Chemicals are extremely necessary for the production of high-quality medicines. Their effective use and extended shelf life are their main benefits. They can be applied as rust inhibitors, adhesives and others.

Polyethylene Glycol
Polyethylene Glycols are the costive solutions, used to improve the level of water. They are so necessary for the production of medicines, which assist to maintain the bowel movement.
Carbitol Solvents
Ethyl Carbitol (Di Ethyl Ether) offered by us is required to produce printing ink for offset printing job. Its application minimizes the possibility of gel formation in printing ink. In textile field, it is used as effective solvent for dying of fiber.
Resin Chemicals
Resin Chemicals are the natural as well as synthetic compounds, offered with a noncrystalline composition. Their packaging will enable them to stay prevented from dust, spillage and contaminants.
Auxiliary Chemicals
Auxiliary Chemicals should be stored in room temperature for retaining their physical & chemical properties. Offered chemicals are offered with physical stability and good consistency. Their function is to stabilize the emulsion.
Aeromatic Chemicals
Ethyl Carbitol (IGTOL ) Paint Industry is accessible in 99% pure form. This liquid based chemical is reckoned for its standard quality.It is used as effective solvent for different types of resins and pastes.
Acetic Acid
Dilute Acetic Acid is required to produce dyes and inks, for fragrances etc. Application of this chemical can also be noticed in food processing and pharmaceutical arena. Accurate composition and long storage life are some of its  main aspects.
Dibutyl Ether
Dibutyl Ethers are 99% pure solvents, which are utilized in chemical reactions as well as  other industrial processes. Supplied industrial grade chemical constituents boast of a good shelf life.
Cosmetic Industries
Cosmetic Industries chemicals are used for the production of skin care products. Their soothing properties and consistency allow them to be used in such sort of cosmetic formulations.

Paints Chemicals
The Paints Chemicals are needed for several organic synthesis processes. Their use in paint production is needed to provide them a hard protective finish. The chemicals are suitable for different types of paint productions.
Coating and Ink Chemicals
Ethyl Cellosolve Glycol is required to produce paint cleaning and stripping agent, Accessible in colorless liquid form, it has 99% pure content. It readily dilutes in water and has standard viscosity level.
Food & Fragrance
Food & fragrance is an effective solvent which is used for paste and resins of different formulations. Available in liquid form, this industrial grade substance has 99% purity level. It can be stored for specific period.
Cetomacrogol Chemicals

Cetomacrogol Chemicals are industrial grade compounds that belongs to the class of polyethylene glycol family and are non-ionic in nature. These chemicals can be used in various applications as an emulsifier, ointment base and as a research tool.

Epichlorohydrin Chemical Compund

Epichlorohydrin Chemical Compound are unstable and flammable liquid chemistry elements that appears as a colorless solution with a chloroform like odor. They are commonly used in various industrial applications which includes food, pharmaceutical, automotive and construction.

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